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About me

I am a software engineer and photographer, currently creating DNA-guided training plans for athletes as CTO of MuscleGenes.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, job enquiries, or just to say "hi".
I'm on: bernie@berniecode.com

Photo of Bernie Sumption

Things I've made


Inamo / E-Table

Inamo restaurant

I built the software system that powers inamo - a unique restaurant concept where customers use an interactive menu projected onto their table from above to place orders that are relayed directly to the kitchen. Read the case study.

Photograhic projects

  • El Camino Frances - a photo essay on walking the last 500 mile stretch of the Camino de Santiago.
  • Vistagraphs - an experiment in making photos that capture the sensation of standing in the spot that a photo was taken.
  • Eyes - inverted portraits of friends and family.

What I'm doing now

Moving back into London

I'm back in the UK after a year in Sydney with my wife Jude. You can see a record of our 6 month journey towards Australia on this map, and this blog.

Recent photos